Screen Printing FAQs

April 9, 2015


Custom Logos

If you already have a Logo for your company, you will need to supply the artwork, with all fonts and pantone color information. We will get as close to that pantone color as possible. If you need to have a specific color we can arrange to stock your custom pantone colors for a small charge. If font name is not known we will offer choices for what we have in stock that will be as close as possible.

If you need a new logo, please call and let us help you design the perfect logo for your company.

We have many stock art images, and clip art images available to create you just the image you are looking for.

How do I create a custom design item?

All you need to do to create a custom design item is submit your artwork, including the Pantone colors, Custom Fonts, and size specifications. Our artist will contact you within 48 Hrs. to discuss your custom design, and then we will render a comp of your custom design for your approval.

Note: All draft versions of designs are the property of Print It. Final approved custom designs are the property of the submitting customer. We recommend you copyright your custom designs for your future protection.

Why won’t you create my item with a custom design I submitted?

We reserve the right to decline any custom design that we deem to be a copyright infringement, offensive, sexually explicit, pornography, exploitive, or otherwise inappropriate.

What is your Return Policy?

Problems related to product quality or a missing product must be brought to our attention immediately by phone, 702-587-7702 and then in writing within 1 week. A resolution to the problem will be discussed. If the items cannot be replaced, we will either issue a credit or apply the credit to your next order. In order to receive a refund, the affected garments must be returned before the credit is issued.

What is your Refund Policy?

If your order is wrong because of an error on our end, send them back and we’ll credit your account. If they’re wrong because of an error on your end, we do not offer a refund or credit.

Can I cancel my order?

Yes! You may cancel your order at any time, but you are responsible for processing fees, restocking costs and any other expenses incurred by us between the time we received your payment and the cancellation request was received.

General cancellation fees are approximately 15% of your payment, but we’ll work with you to keep these costs as low as possible.

What is necessary to place an order for Screen Printing?

To place an order see our Contact Us page to send us an email with the basic information needed for printing. Once all the information is received you will receive a quote for your order. To accept the quote please sign and return by e-mail. Once all art is received, you will receive a proof of your artwork, please check closely and approve the art sign and return this form.

As soon as Payment is received and Art proof and Quote have been signed and returned to our office, we can schedule your order for production. Send all information to or fax to 702.463.6766.

Please keep in mind we cannot place an order without all information having been received. Your order will be put on hold until all appropriate information is received.

For all Contract customers we will need your purchase order, along with due date and the signed quote and signed proof returned to our office.

Please keep in mind we cannot start an order without all the information having been received. Your order will be put on hold until all appropriate paperwork is received.

For our Contract Customers, we need your Artwork, Font names, Due Date, Purchase Order, and Signed Quote and Proof.

What is your turn around time?

We request you send us your Due Date so that we can complete your order in the most efficient time possible. The general rule is, most orders are completed in 2-3 weeks from the receipt of payment and final art work approval. We schedule our presses over 2 weeks in advance to provide the best possible service.

What if I have a RUSH jobs?

Rush jobs are completed in less than 7 business days after the final approval of your art and are subject to a 30% addition to your total. Also depending on the textile you are printing on, it may have to be shipped from out of state. We do ask that you call ahead first to make sure we are able to handle your rush job as we do not always have an open spot on our presses for such jobs.

What is the Proof Approval process?

On all orders we will be sending you an art proof for your review. This proof will state the size, pantone colors (if custom colors are required) and location of the print placement.

Please make sure to look over this proof carefully as once it is approved we will be printing exactly that. Proofs are issued about 1-2 business days after all information needed and art have been received. Unless there is required design work to be done. If you do not receive a proof in that time frame please bring that to our attention, as we are not aware if you didn’t receive it. If changes are needed, please address all issues in writing and send us an e-mail with changes needed, and we will revise your proof. Once you have approved the artwork, you need to sign both the quote and proof sheet and email them back to us. We will not start on this order until all paperwork is returned.

Can I print on various shirt colors?

As long as the same ink colors can be used on all tee shirts, there should be no problem. We will send you a proof on all the colors you want to print on. Just to be sure the design works for you on all of your color choices. Sometimes between light and dark shirts you may need to use different inks (black/white), if there is an ink change required, that will be included in your price. So make sure you visit our Apparel Catalog page to pick the shirt you want printed. If you do not see what you are looking for, we do have many other vendors, so please call us with the details, and we will see what we can find for you.

Why do Dark Shirts and Larger Sizes cost more to order?

Because they’re more expensive to buy blank, Dark shirts, in general, cost about $1 more than their white version, even before they’re printed. In addition, with dark shirts we will have to add a white underlay for your design to look good when all is said and done.

And 2X and 3X start at least $2.00 more than the smaller sizes, and it goes up from there.

Can I use a picture from my web site on my shirts?

The short answer is NO. Web images are saved at 72 pixels per inch. We need at least 300 pixels per inch to get a decent print. But don’t worry, we have stock images that can be used to build a custom design. If you have an idea, give us a call and let’s see what we come up with.

Do you accept credit card payments?

Yes! You may make a payment using our on-line payment form below. Your payment will be processed securely and safely through PayPal. It is not necessary to have a PayPal account to use this service.


Name On Account:
Payment Amount: $

Can I write you a personal check?

Yes, but it will delay your order for up to a week while we wait for it to clear.

How do I pay?

Cash, PayPal or Personal Check are allowed. Personal checks will have to clear our bank before your order can ship. Company checks will be accepted for our contract customers.

How do I get my order?

You will be notified when your order is complete. Local orders can schedule a pick up time. Out of town orders will be shipped via USPS or UPS.

What can I have my design printed on?

You can have your design printed on almost anything! From T-shirts, Polos, Sweatshirts, Hoodies, Hats, Cozies, Lanyards to jeans, to skirts, and shorts, Tote Bags, Flags, Aprons, Table cloths, and many more items just give us a call. Be creative with your Advertising, stand apart from the crowd.

We keep all of our customer’s designs private, and only the submitting customer may purchase an item with that design, unless the customer requests that the design be offered for others. So, don’t worry, you can be as unique as you want to be!

Is there a minimum order for Screen Printing?

Generally, a minimum order is 25 pieces, but we may be able to work with you on that. Give us a call and we can discuss it. But remember, the smaller the quantity the greater the price per piece.

Note: We are not responsible for verifying the authenticity of your design and do not guarantee that designs submitted by others or those created by Print It designers will not resemble your design.